About Us

WE just keep growing!

How it all started

In 1995 Tom "Mel" Stanton and a group of friends gathered at Cedars Lanes in Cedarburg, WI to enjoy some good food and watch a little football. About 50 people attended. The group continued to get together each fall.

In 1999 everything changed, a good friend of the groups lost his sister to cancer. She was a single mother with a special needs daughter who participated in Special Olympics. The decision was made to hold a raffle during the event in her memory. $350 was donated to Special Olympics in her memory.

Mel’s Charities mission is to have Great Times for Great Causes in Ozaukee County. Mel’s specializes in funding special needs organizations, high school scholarships in memory of individuals who have passed, and human service organizations.

It’s been an amazing journey and we look forward to continue having Great Times for Great Causes!

Who we are

Mission: provide "Great Times for Great Causes" supporting non-profit organizations in Ozaukee County. We have a strong emphasis in human services, special needs and memorial scholarships.

Credibility: Since 1999 over $1,000,000 in grants have been dispersed. 

Accountability: 100% of net monies raised at our events are donated back to the community.

TransparencyAll business transactions are properly accounted for and available to the public.

Sustainability: We are committed to sustaining our mission for the long term.

Strategic initiatives: what we do

Continue our 20 year record of annually increasing net revenue through events and contributions

Serve as the clearinghouse of philanthropy in Ozaukee County

Sustain our growth to become the vehicle by which individuals, corporations and institutions can pool and invest their gifts for the long term good of the residents of Ozaukee County.

When all is said and done, Mel's Charities captures the spirit in all who feel truly blessed to be living, working and playing in Ozaukee County. We want to share that blessing and impact lives.

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